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Pocket GuitarRef 2005 3.0.10

Pocket GuitarRef 2005 3.0.10

Pocket GuitarRef 2005 Publisher's Description

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Key features


Includes the most common tunings for guitar. They are:

Standard E
Open E
E Minor
Standard Eb
Open A
Standard D
Open D
Standard Db
Open G
Standard C
Standard B
G Wahine
Drop D
G Major
Double Drop D
Open C
C6th Mauna Loa
D Suspended
Drop Db
Cmaj7 (Gabby)
C6/9 (Crafty)
Cyril C

Tunings can be set for left and right handed players, so that the strings and chords will look the same as on your guitar.

Five useful operational modes

Chord Discovery

A free-form mode in which you can click on the fretboard to form your own chords. After each click, the program will try to determine what chord you have formed and displays it in the box at the bottom of the screen. You can set the discovery to look up the chords in the static database or have an algorithm used to print the discoveries.

Chord Plotter

Displays chords according to the selection in each of the note, type and variation fields. There are 36 chord types, so for common chords, there are 2,592, while dynamically generated chords show up to 21,600 chords!

Display chords however you like. You can highlight the open and muted strings, show an icon or both. You can even have a note highlight when it plays! Pocket GuitarRef 2005 is completely customizable according to your preferences.

Pick Pattern Record

This mode allows you to tap each string that you want as part of your pick pattern and save it for later use via the Pick Pattern Manager.


Displays scales according to the selection in the note and type fields.

13 scale types: Major Natural Minor Minor Harmonic Minor Melodic Minor Diatonic Major Diatonic Minor Pentatonic Major Pentatonic Blues Whole Tone Diminished Minor Arpeggio Major Arpeggio
  • Option to show for max finger span or on entire fretboard
  • Option to scroll screen to scale to ensure its visibility
  • Option to exclude open strings from scale display


Displays modes according to the selection in the note and type fields.

7 mode types: Ionian
  • Option to show for max finger span or on entire fretboard
  • Option to scroll screen to scale to ensure its visibility
  • Option to exclude open strings from scale display


Sounds are a new and exciting feature of Pocket GuitarRef 2005. Sounds allow:

  • Strumming of chords right on the screen in Plotter and Discovery modes.
  • Unlimited extensibility from free sound packs.
  • Play button that plays strings in a picking pattern (or simple strum) that you define with loop ability.
  • Unlimited pick pattern definition ability.
  • Scales have 4 patterns (ascending, descending, ascending then descending, descending then ascending) with looping ability.
  • Separate visible BPM (beats per minute) for chords and scales/modes. Can test BPM within options to hear what it sounds like.

Sound Packs

Sound packs are files that you can download and reference in Pocket GuitarRef 2005.

Sound Effects

In addition to sound, you can now add sound effects as your sound packs play!Reverbis currently only supported, but other effects will be added in future updates.


Ever have a chord progression that you want to work on, but don't have the time, or it's just inconvenient? Pocket GuitarRef 2005 allows you to play with chord progressions on the go!

Progression Manager

The Progression Manager holds all over your progressions for easy viewing and access to editing.

Progression Editor

The Progression Editor allows easy editing and reordering of patterns.

All patterns and their relevant information are displayed clearly so you can get on with the important business of creating the next big hit!

Pattern Editor

The Pattern Editor shows all of a pattern's details:

  • Name
  • Strum or Pick Pattern
  • # of times to play
There's much MUCH more!!!

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